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Life In Our Nashville Beeyard

Our beeyard is the area within chain link fence that keeps the other critters, especially overly curious raccoons, away from the hives. It is a small world with a current population of about 60,000. 

Bee Myths Debunked (below).

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Bee Myths Debunked



COVID 2020 : Luckily, beekeepers are considered agricultural works and, therefore, deemed "essential workers" during any health-ordered shutdown.

​Swarms : Honey bees are at their MOST DOCILE when they are swarming. They are laden with honey stolen from the "mother" hive (to see them through the first days of building a new hive) and are all-focused on the safety of their new queen. If you see a swarm, it is still best to avoid contact and call your beekeeping club. After the swarm is gone, stragglers will hang around for a couple hours more because the queen's pheromones linger.

​Bee Temperaments : Bees do not go looking for trouble. They are very wired to do their job attending the colony or gathering pollen and nectar. Genetically, most colonies will rise to an intruder alarm but settle back down within a minute or two. Some, we call "thugs", will rise at anything and chase you back to the house.

​Getting Honey : For us, we only harvest from the strongest hives and, even then, we do 2 more things: 1) we only take what we consider is in excess of their needs; and 2) we ensure they have July-October to build up their stores for Winter.

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